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Providence Mount St. Vincent

Common System and Environment Themes Prior to Implementation

Photo Prior to Culture Change Implementation

Common Themes in The Mount's Processes and Systems Prior to Implementation

Centralized departments;

Lack of autonomy for residents in dining or choice of meals;

Lack of autonomy for residents in activities;

Lack of autonomy for residents in bathing schedules;

Language supported a culture of dependence (e.g. "patient," "ward," "floor" and "unit");

Residents identified by medical conditions or level of care;

Staff-resident interaction was not a priority;

Staff were task driven and organized work around delivery of care and staff preferences.

Common Themes in The Mount's Physical Environment Prior to Implementation

Institutional sterile environment (modeled after a hospital environment);

Long halls and hard surfaces;

Floor, wall and ceiling materials designed for durability and ease of maintenance;

Tight spaces clogged and crowded with people and equipment;

Four floors of nursing units with approximately 56 beds per unit;

Double-loaded corridor approximately 300 feet long;

A small centrally located dining and activity space;

Design of spaces physically separated residents and staff.

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