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Providence Mount St. Vincent

Additional Case Study Findings

Case study interviews exhibit a high level of congruence between stated goals of leadership and the support for those goals from residents, staff, Board and community members. Examples of these results are discussed below and illustrated in the above graph: 

  • 20% of staff interviewed also utilized Mount services for a family member (either for intergenerational childcare or a parent or grandparent in the community) indicating integration and trust of relationships. 
  • 95% of staff and 100% of residents interviewed utilized words that describe The Mount as a cohesive unit (e.g. family, team, home). Perhaps this statement is best exemplified when former Mount employees choose to come back to the community after retirement and make it their home. One of these former employees, now a current resident, sees the person-directed philosophy as similar for staff and residents in the community. As a former staff member and current resident, she states, "It is the same loving, supportive care for whatever you need physical, emotional, spiritual (no matter your background)."  
  • A consistent finding in The Mount case study was the importance that leaders place on modeling person-directed care practice for staff and elders. In interviews, 60% of the leadership team used the word "modeling" as the predominant method of mentoring staff in culture change.
  • As stated previously, 100% of staff and residents demonstrated understanding and knowledge of culture change principles. 

Board Support: The Mount's Board, not only supports culture change activities, Board members take pride in encouraging ongoing work. Many Board members have personal experiences with The Mount and several Board members have family members residing in the community. Board members are deeply involved and interested in culture change and look forward to updates. Administrator, Tom Mitchell, and Regional Administrator, Charlene Boyd, report on culture change at Board Meetings. Programs supporting residents and employees such as sponsoring families and providing food bags for employees during holidays are examples of programs unanimously approved by the Board. 

Community Support: Quality care, committed staff and exemplary leadership often lead to a community reputation which improves occupancy and market competitiveness. The Mount receives local and national recognition for innovation in the workplace. This level of support leads to high impact and return for culture change investment.

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