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Minnesota Pay-for-Performance

Minnesota's Pay-for-Performance Program derives 20% of P4P points from resident and family staff satisfaction scores.

Patti Cullen (President & CEO, Care Providers of Minnesota) on P4P in Minnesota:"Our P4P started in 2006 and, we believe, providers did change their practices under the P4P program for a few reasons: 1.) state Medicaid rates do not cover the cost of providing care so providers are motivated to achieve the maximum reimbursement rate; 2.) public reporting of each provider's "report card" whose measures, in part, match the P4P performance measures; and 3.) the report card allows a provider to see other providers' scores, thus spurring competition to have the highest ranking (five stars) in their geographic region. Since 2006, across the state customer satisfaction scores and quality indicators have improved. Minnesota providers' adoption of the principles of person-directed care were considered when the program was established. About 20 percent of the total P4P points that a provider can receive are tied to measures of quality of life derived from resident and family satisfaction scores. Of all the measures on the report cards, this is probably the one that consumers conducting an Internet search for a facility for their loved one in Minnesota can relate to best. Survey results and other clinical measures are confusing for consumers, but satisfaction is something they can relate to and understand. Providers were strong advocates that satisfaction survey results should be a part of the P4P program in Minnesota."

Excerpt from August 2008 Provider Magazine article, "Investing in Culture Change: Long term care leaders speculate about why it works." Reprinted with permission from Provider Magazine. Access the full article here.