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Illinois Support for Culture Change

Survey Agency and Long-term Care Ombudsman Program

The Illinois State Long-term care Ombudsman Program, under the leadership of Neyna Johnson, was responsible for bringing culture change to Illinois. In 1999, the program conducted four one-day culture change workshops across the state to educate ombudsmen and providers about culture change. Initially, a small amount of ombudsman training funds was used to get started and keep the educational sessions going. However, additional funds were needed so a minimum fee was assessed for all workshop attendees (CNAs & volunteer ombudsmen received complimentary registrations). Regional coalitions were eventually formed by the ombudsmen and providers to keep the momentum, interest, and dialogue going about this new movement. Small stipends were provided to the ombudsmen for refreshments, meeting room space, materials, postage, etc. to assist the regional coalitions.

The Illinois Pioneer Coalition has been successful in securing 3-two year grants through the Illinois Department on Aging - Office of State Ombudsman using CMP funds from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). The coalition is currently receiving the first two grants of CMP funds that were awarded directly to the IPC rather than through the ombudsman program.  The components of the new grant activities include building the state coalition, statewide education, grants to regional coalitions and other culture change efforts throughout the state. With these funds, the Illinois Pioneer Coalition has also contracted with their first full time Executive Director. The IPC also plays an active role in culture change education with surveyors and their supervisors by providing ongoing training at regional meetings and other IDPH sponsored educational events.