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How elders react to Elderspeak

In a study of older people living in the community (not hospitalized or in nursing homes), they were asked about their experiences with patronizing speech (click here to download the citation).

• 58% believed that older people in general were spoken to this way

• 36% said that it happened frequently

• 59% had experienced it personally

• 13% said that for them it happened frequently

• 58% felt patronized by such language

• 50% felt irritated by it

• 17% said it made them feel angry

• 15% said it made them feel inferior

What do people feel about caregivers who use patronizing speech?

Several studies examined what older people thought about caregivers who used patronizing speech in comparison with those who did not.

Study participants said the caregivers who did were:
• Less nurturing
• Less competent
• Less benevolent
• Significantly less respectful

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