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Iowa Person Directed Care Coalition

Contact Information

Janice McCoy

The Iowa Person Directed Care Coalition began as part of a strategy from the St. Louis Accord in June 2005. All members felt that the best way for Iowa to begin was to develop the coalition, especially after hearing the speakers from the various coalitions that presented in St. Louis.

Organizational Structure
The Iowa Person Directed Care Coalition is a steering team made up of volunteers from various stakeholder organizations. It recently partnered with the Iowa Partnership for Improved Dementia Care to evaluate overlapping agenda items/ membership and collaborative opportunities. . The Iowa Nursing Home Quality Partners currently have the representation of the following stakeholders participating on a regular basis: ABCM Corporation, Consumer, Continuum Health Care Services; Des Moines Area Community College, Iowa Caregivers Association; Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals; Iowa Health Care Association, Iowa Long Term Care Ombudsman; Leading Age; University of Iowa and Telligen.

The Coalition/Partners currently does not have any type of funding. In-kind support is provided by each of the steering committee organizations.

2014 Accomplishments
Brainstorming, sharing, advising and supporting among the members resulted in valuable insight that no doubt added to the successes of the stakeholders within the organizations they represented-all towards the common goal of serving nursing home residents. For 2015 we have begun steps to share the knowledge and resources of our membership in building regional meetings to reach more stakeholders.