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Small House Online Conference and Networking Initiative

Supported by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Project Start Date: 09/08

The purpose of this initiative is to create online conference sessions and a virtual meeting place so that those who have an interest in the financing and delivery of person-directed care through small houses, and those who have experience in providing related services to other population groups can beginning working together and learning from one another.

Pioneer Network will work together with key stakeholders to explore the needs—e.g., policy, reimbursement, financing, environmental, clinical, regulatory, and community relations—and opportunities to create, sustain, and evaluate small houses in the community for frail older adults. These invited experts will help to plan a dynamic virtual meeting place and conferencing program for all who are interested in and supportive of the philosophy behind and development of small homes for our frail elderly in need of skilled care.

An immediate outcome of the program will be the development of a virtual network for stakeholders to come together and to share their expertise, strategically plan, and learn more about the issues that need to be addressed to effectively transform the long-term care system into small household or home settings.

The project will conduct three on-line webinars to explore the wide range of topics around the development, implementation, and sustainability of small houses.

Click here to read press release, "Pioneer Network Announces Small House Online Networking Initiative."