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Core Competencies in Medical Direction

Supported by the Commonwealth Fund

Medical Directors generally have low turnover rates—particularly when compared to annual turnover rates of up to 43% nationwide for nursing home administrators. Thus, it is often the Medical Director who best provides residents and their families with stability and continuity in clinical care, and becomes, in effect, the facility's institutional memory. As nursing homes strive to change their culture, Medical Directors are poised to become clinical champions and demonstrate that it is possible to provide person-centered care while maintaining clinical excellence. What they require are the tools to take the leadership reins in culture change. This is the model of medical direction in culture change that this project strives to support.

These tools are the core competencies in medicine for person-centered care, competencies that are "a measurable, occupationally relevant, and behaviorally based characteristic or capability of a person," and which describe how medical direction incorporates person-centered care within the major functions of practice as defined by AMDA.

Click here to read a description of the project and the resulting person-directed care competencies for the Medical Director adopted by AMDA in March 2010.