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Practical Strategies to Transform Nursing Home Environments

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Changing the existing physical environment of a nursing home in ways that improve residents' quality of life (QOL) and without major expenditures can happen. It simply requires a commitment to improve the living environment for all residents - not to simply become homelike but to become an actual home for the residents within the larger community of the overall nursing home. The ultimate goal of the journey is to create a home that supports "person centered living " for both residents and staff.  

The Design on a Dollar journey provides easy "how-to" instructions and tips to make environmental changes cost-effective while involving your whole community. Begin the journey and learn:

  • The 9 Self-Assessment Tasks that we recommend to start your environmental transformation process

  • Take Virtual Tours of 12 key areas in your home with low cost ideas and tips for getting started

  • Learn from other homes engaged in change through photos, narratives and product recommendations

  • View a host of other practical resources to keep you on track and on budget

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